Nonni Property Group

Nonni Property Group is a private, family-owned real estate development and investment company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The modern identity system for Nonni Property Group captures the essence of quality, strategy and innovation. The Nonni typeface is constructed using block-style pillars for the stems of each letter, representing tall structural growth. The Roman-inspired letter serifs honour the heritage, strength and style of the Nonni family.

Company: Nonni Property Group — Industry: Real Estate Development, Investment
Project: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website Design, Website Development — Year: 2023 
Creative Direction, Design: Colin de Jersey — Web Development: Hope Media House — Photography: Handford Creative

Decades of history in the Vancouver real estate market.

Nonni Property Group has participated in over three decades of investment and growth in the Western Canadian real estate market — always with a focus on quality and transformation. Our diversified portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties reflects an entrepreneurial mindset and fosters a foundation of growth.

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