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"Aku" is short for acupressure, spelled akupresura or акупресура in Ukraine, where the product is derived. Aku's innovative acupressure technology utilizes high-grade metal spikes as opposed to conventional plastic alternatives on the market.

The goal was to develop a bold and sophisticated packaging system purposed to captivate retail and online audiences interested in holistic healing therapy and salubrious self-care.

Pain is not a weakness, pain is temporary and pain is growth. Every ache is a shrill reminder that you are not super-human, yet your determination suggests otherwise. We believe that determination can overcome pain, both mental and physical. But to do that, we need to be good to ourselves.

Our body may be a temple, but what is in our mind is indispensable; this is what we live by. Aku is not created from a fad, but from 5,000 years of science and caring innovation, leaving no minute detail unturned.

We are the mental and physical health advocates, bringing acupressure into the everyday vernacular so that we can make it accessible for everyone. So that we can make ‘super-human’ accessible for everyone. 

Aku  /  ak-yoo  /  #HealHarder​​​​​​​

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