Low Carbon Royalties

Low Carbon Royalties is on a mission to become the trusted financing partner of key stakeholders involved in the global energy transition.

LCR provides funding to low carbon emitting energy production, technologies, transition metals and minerals required for energy storage, electrification and the evolving environmental markets.

​​​​​​​Project — Brand Identity, Investor Presentation, Landing Page
Industry — Carbon Markets
Company Size — 5+ people

LCR required a strong visual identity that effectively communicates its dedication to quality, strategy, and innovation while also showcasing its commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the natural world.

The symbol logo draws inspiration from the natural landscapes and signifies the growing need to protect our planet Earth. The sans serif typeface is professional and legible ensuring Low Carbon Royalties evokes trust and reliability.

LCR’s colours are also inspired by the natural world and stand for LCR’s various landscapes it’s working hard to protect.

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